dinsdag 7 september 2010

3 of my fav tracks

I don't think a lot of my followers know some good hiphop, so I decided to sum up some of my favorite tracks

This track was featured on Marco Polo's debut album "Port Authority", and might be one of my favorite tracks ever. The mellow, old school beat really fits Ace's voice and flow.

Most people know Nas as the guy who dropped "Hiphop is dead", and from his relationship with Kelis, but this man used to be much more than that. His debut album "Illmatic" is considered one of the greatest hiphop albums ever, and this track was the first to catch my attention when I started listening hiphop. Premier's beat and Nas' flow go hand in hand to make an example of perfection.

Little Brother is my favorite hiphop collaboration, 9th's soul-driven instrumentals take the listener to another world, and Phonte's & Big Pooh's voices really fit the voice sample. Their '03 album "The Listening" might be the album I listened to the most in the past 4 years.

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  1. Illmatic is still one of my favorite albums to ride to.

  2. Well, in all honesty.. I never found Nas as talented as people want him to be.

  3. Youtube can resize your embedded vids to a custom size, would be beter for the layout. Otherwise, Keep up the good work )

  4. i'm back, just makin sho' ur still representin'

  5. Yeah Impact font, thanks for all the comments guys
    @ yourbestmusic: maybe I'll post something lighter tomorrow

  6. Nice post man!
    Would certainly love seeing more like this. :)

  7. haha marco polo, look at how hip hipsters were back then~~